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I like to introduce you to Mrs. Leslie astrologer she has a great warm and friendly European personality who had a dream of being the best at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. In the 80's Mayor William Donald Schaefer invited Mrs. Leslie to display her unique talent at the Christmas bazaar inside City Hall to many artists from around the world displaying their unique talent at the Christmas bazaar. The Event Entertained many top officials. As they enjoyed food, music and gifts Ms. Leslie was a hit as she predicted everyone's future who attended. Mayor William Donald Schaefer proclaimed Mrs. Leslie Baltimore's best astrologer. As she volunteered and supported the morale fun and supporting Mayor William Donald Schaeffer to become governor of the state of Maryland. In 1994, Mrs. Leslie opened the unique zodiac gift shop and worked with the Visual Artists at Harborplace. she also had Chinese tea room Reading to tea leaves. The Caribbean tent. It was fun exciting for the locals and tourists. As they been coming back for the past 20 years to share any enjoy Mrs. Leslie's predictions. For all her hard work and support. Gov. William Donnell Schaeffer. Gov. Ehrlich. Gov O'Malley. All Proclaimed Ms Leslie Baltimore's Best Astrologer.

  • 20 Years Experience

  • Passionate

  • Accurate

  • Amazing

  • Love Candels and Meditation

  • Oils

  • Salts
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